Most of the appetizers are served with salads and mint sauce

Onion Bhajee £2.75
Somosa £2.75
(meat or vegetable)
Chicken/LambTikka £3.30
Tandoori Chicken £3.40
Mixed Kebab £3.30
Sheek Kebab £3.30
Shamee Kebab £3.30
Reshmi Kebab £3.30
Chicken Chatt £3.30
Aloo Chatt £3.30
Chicken or Vegetable £3.30
Prawn Cocktail £3.30
Prawn Puree £3.75
King Prawn Puree £4.75
Chicken Tikka Puree £3.75
King Prawn Butterfly £4.50
Stuffed Pepper £3.60
(meat or vegetable)
Tandoori Lamb Chops £3.60
Aloo Chops £3.50
Tandoori Salmon £4.75
Patter for 2 £8.95
Patter for 4 £17.00
Consists of Fish Pakura, Vegetable Samosa, Chicken Tikka & Sheek Kebab.


Marinated chicken/lamb delicately spiced with a variety of herbs, these dishes are prepared from Indian traditional and Oriental methods and barbecued over faming charcoal on skewers.

Half Tandoori Chicken £6.20
Chicken/LambTikka £6.50
(Extra special- mushroom, green pepper, onion and coriander, £1.00 extra)
Chicken/Lamb Shashlik £7.95
(Succulent pieces of chicken or lamb mildly spiced cooked on a skewer with green pepper, tomato and onion.)
Tandoori Mixed Grill £9.95
(Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab, served with nan.)
Lamb Chop Main £7.95
Tandoori King Prawn £9.95


Cooked in a cast iron dish with special spices, served with nan

Balti Chicken/Lamb £7.75
Balti Chicken/Lamb Tikka £7.95
Balti Chicken or Lamb
& Mushroom £7.95

Balti Mixed Special £8.50
Consists of chicken, meat and prawns
Balti King Prawn £9.95
Balti Vegetable £7.95


Diced chicken/lamb or king prawns cooked in fairly spicy sauce with green herbs.

Korai Chicken/Lamb £6.50
Korai Chicken Tikka £7.50
Korai Lamb Tikka £7.50
Korai King Prawn £9.95


Curry Garden Special £9.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Jalfrezi £7.50

Marinated Chicken/Lamb grilled in the tandoori oven, cooked in cast iron dish with green chillies, capsicum and potatoes.
Chicken Tikka Rejalla £7.50
Sliced Chicken tikka stir-fried with chopped green pepper and onion, served on a sizzler.
Chicken Tikka Lababda £7.50
King Prawn Jalfrezi £9.95
Tiger King Prawn £9.95
Whole King Prawn on shell stir-fried with green pepper, onion, corriander and selected spices. served with salad.
Nawabi Chops £8.50
Lamb chops grilled in tandoori then cooked in a pan with selected spices and simmered until full flavour is reached.
Bengal Chicken £7.50
Cooked with green pepper, coriander, coconut, sliced almonds and crushed chillies.
Chilli Chicken Masalla £7.50
Maharaja Special £7.95
Consists of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab cooked in medium spice and herbs.
Sunam Chicken £7.95
Prepared with Chef’s special recipe
Garlic Chicken Tikka Bhuna £8.50
Chicken served on lettuce with pilau rice.
Lamb Shank £8.95
Chicken/Lamb Shawtal £7.50
Cooked with sath lemon
Chicken Jalali £7.75
Chicken on the bone with keeema, medium hot.


Chicken/Lamb Tikka £7.50
Tandoori Chicken Masalla £7.50
Tandoori King Prawn £9.95
Chicken/Lamb Pasanda £7.50
Muglai Chicken/Lamb £7.50
Spiced chicken/lamb cooked in rich sauce of cream and ground almond with egg
Chicken/Lamb Lucknowi £7.50
Spiced chicken/lamb cooked in fairly spicy thick sauce with cream and crushed pineapple
Butter Chicken/Lamb £7.50
Chicken/Lamb Tikka £7.95
Delight Cooked with cheese in various spices and herbs


Korma Dishes
Very mild thick gravy cooked with cream and ground mild spices

Malayan Dishes
Fairly mild thick gravy with pineapple

Kashmiri Dishes
Fairly mild thick gravy cooked with banana & cream

Chicken/Lamb £5.95
Chicken/Lamb Tikka £6.95
King Prawn £8.50
Prawn £5.95


Curry Dishes
Medium hot gravy with various spices

Bhuna Dishes
Medium hot, dry cooked with fresh herbs

Rogon Josh Dishes
Well spiced medium strength curry with tomato flavouring

Dupiaza Dishes
Medium hot, dry cooked with green pepper and strong flavour of onions

Methi Dishes
Medium curry dish with strong flavour and fenugreek leaves

Chicken/Lamb £5.95
Bombay Chicken £5.95
With egg and potato
Chicken/Lamb Tikka £6.75
King Prawn £8.50
Prawn £5.95


Ceylon Dishes
Fairly hot thick gravy cooked with coconut

Vindaloo Dishes
Very hot and strongly flavoured with rich gravy and potato

Pathia Dishes
Dry cooked with sour and hot flavouring

Dhansak Dishes
Sweet, sour and hot with addition of lentils

Madras Dishes
Fairly hot, strongly flavoured with rich gravy

Chicken/Lamb £5.95
Chicken/Lamb Tikka £6.95
King Prawn £8.50
Prawn £5.95

* All prices are inclusive of V.A.T

* All major credit cards are accepted


Medium spiced with spinach

Chicken/Lamb £5.95
Chicken/Lamb Tikka £6.95
King Prawn £8.50
Prawn £5.95


Bengal Fish £7.30
Rupchanda Bhuna £7.30
Tandoori Salmon £7.80
Salmon fillets marinated with special home made sauce, grilled in the tandoori.


Baked Basmati rice cooked with saffron and green herbs, garnished with tomato and cucumber, served with vegetable curry.

Chicken/Lamb Biriani £7.50
ChickenTikka Biriani £8.50
LambTikka Biriani £8.50
Chicken or Lamb &
Mushroom Biriani £7.95

Chicken & Prawn Biriani £7.95
Special Biriani £8.50
Consists of chicken, lamb and prawn, peas and mushroom
Prawn Biriani £7.75
Vegetable Biriani £7.50
King Prawn Biriani £8.95


Any of the following vegetable dishes can be prepared as a main dish on request for an additional £2.40.

Mixed Vegetable Curry £2.95
Mushroom Bhajee £2.95
Bhindi Bhajee (Okra) £2.95
Sag Bhajee (Spinach) £2.95
Sag Ponir £2.95
(Spinach & Cheese)
Sag Aloo £2.95
(Spinach & Potato)
Bombay Aloo £2.95
Aloo Gobi £2.95
(Cauliflower & Potato)
Chana Masala £2.95
Mottor Ponir £2.95
(Chick Peas and Cheese)
Tarka Dall £2.95
Brinjal Bhajee (Aubergine) £2.95
Vegetable Bhajee £2.95
Caulifower Bhajee £2.95


Boiled Rice £2.20
Pilau Rice (Baked Basmati) £2.30
Special Fried Rice £2.60
Mushroom Pilau £2.60
Chana Pilau £2.50
Vegetable Pilau £2.50
Onion Fried Rice £2.50
Keema Pilau £2.80
Nan £1.85
Keema Nan £2.30
Peshwari Nan £2.30
Vegetable Nan £2.30
Garlic Nan £2.30
Cheese & Onion Nan £2.30
Paratha/Stuffed Paratha £2.30
Chapathi/Puree £1.60
Popadum (Plain or spicy) 55p
Mango Chutney, Lime Pickle,55p
Mint Sauce, Red Onion


Served with chips, peas and tomato

Fried Chicken £6.95
Chicken Omelette £6.95
Mushroom Omelette £5.95
Prawn Omelette £6.95
Chips £1.50
Green Salad £1.70


Set Meal For One £11.95
1 Onion Bhajee (Starter), 1 Chicken Curry, 1 Mushroom Bhajee, 1 Rice, 1 Nan, 1 Popadum, & Chutneys.

Set Meal For Two £26.95
1 Tandoori Chicken, 1 Onion Bhajee (Starter), 1 Chicken Bhuna,
1 Lamb Rogon Josh, 1 Mushroom Bhajee, 2 Special Fried Rice,1 Nan, 2 Popadum & Chutneys (Desserts) Kulfi & Coffee


Vegetarian (for one) £9.95
Mixed Vegetables, Mushroom Bhajee, Tarka Dall, Sag Bhajee, Rice and Nan

Non Vegetarian (for one) £12.50
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab, Chicken Rogon Josh, Prawn Bhuna, Pilau Rice, Onion Bhajee & Nan


(24 Hours notice required)

Murgi Massala
For Two Persons £29.95
For Four Persons £44.95

Kurzi Lamb
For Two Person £34.95
For Four Persons £49.95

(Served with onion bhajee, papadom, mango chutney and special sauce preparation of pure ghee under special supervision.)

The management reserves the right to refuse anybody without giving any reason and to put service charge on the bill in cases considered appropriate.



(Available 7 days a week)

1 Choice of Starter
1 Choice of Main Dish
1 Choice of Side Dish (1 per couple)
1 Rice or Nan


Seafood, Lamb Shank or Mixed Grill £3.00 Extra

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer



(Eat as much as you want)

12 NOON - 3:00 PM
Adult £7.95
Children £4.50




Local minimum orders over £12.00
4 miles radius of Rushden for orders over £15.00


10% discount on collected orders over £12.00

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